We innovate and redefine private safe deposit service for business and individuals seeking protection of their hard assets and sending items and goods through our security courier services. Our years of experience have enabled us to tailor the high level of facilities and services that we offer, to meet our many clients individual and varied requirements.

Combining safety and convenience, we have become one of the leading safe deposit security courier shipping companies, providing the ultimate in secure safekeeping and protection of goods. We provide individuals and businesses with vault-secured protection of important documents and goods (birth certificates, advance directives/living wills, passports, gold, diamonds etc.) and valuable hard assets (jewelry, media, coins, etc).

Our vault and identification access procedures guarantee our clients uncompromising efficiency, privacy and security in service. A convenient and comfortable environment awaits every client in our facility. Our facilities have been purpose built to resist fire, flood and every form of modern criminal attack. Electronic surveillance and alarm systems are monitored by our fully trained security person.

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